Stuffed, But Not Satisfied

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Have you ever been incredibly hungry but unable to identify your particular craving?  I’ve often felt famished and have gone on a quest through the kitchen to satisfy my stomach’s growls.  I’ll try a few crackers and realize I’m not craving them.  Next I might eat some fruit, but I still feel discontent.  Before I know it, I’ve sampled a slew of items without successfully satiating my unidentified craving.  I end up stuffed, but not satisfied.

This cycle is not limited to my physical hunger; I often live my life this way.  Perhaps you do too.  In one way or another, our hearts signal that they’re hungry.  Deep down, there is a longing that needs to be fulfilled.  But instead of looking to Christ to satisfy our hearts’ cravings, we run elsewhere.

Maybe our hearts are hungry for affection, and so we run to a particular individual looking for the kind of perfect love that is found only in a relationship with Jesus.

Maybe our hearts are hungry for security, and so we run to the familiarity of our comfort zone looking for the kind of assurance that is found only in trusting God’s resolve to let nothing come between us and His love.

Maybe our hearts are hungry for significance, and so we run to our achievements looking for the kind of approbation that is found only in knowing God as a loving Father who graciously, wholeheartedly welcomed us into His family.

At the end of the day, we are stuffed, but not satisfied.  We’ve sampled several options, but we never found what we wanted.  This process so dulls our appetites that we settle for a frozen dinner when our hearts are craving filet mignon.

Breaking this unhealthy cycle starts by accurately identifying our cravings.  We need to be aware of what we’re hungry for so that we can fill up on the right thing.  And most often, the “right thing” is Jesus because eternity has been set in our hearts, and our cravings extend beyond what any one broken person or experience can satisfy.

If you feel hungry for affection, security, significance, or something else, realize that you’re ultimately hungering for what Jesus offers.  And instead of ransacking the world for a quick fix to your hunger pangs, run to Him – the Bread of Life – and find lasting fulfillment rather than perpetual emptiness.

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