Thriving in Difficult Seasons


“Lord, I want to do more than just tolerate this season of life.” As the prayer slipped from my lips, God brought to mind a familiar passage in Jeremiah.  I recalled the vivid imagery with which the Lord contrasted the fates of those who trust in people versus those who trust in Him. “The man who trusts in man,” He explained, … Read More

How Our Walk Helps Our Talk

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For the past eight months, a group of friends and I have spent two Tuesdays a month studying 1 Peter together.  When we began our study back in the fall, I didn’t anticipate just how relevant Peter’s message would be for American Christians today.  Peter penned the letter approximately three decades after Jesus’ death and resurrection, addressing a Christian audience who found … Read More

Ready for Battle

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Today I have the privilege of introducing you to one of my dearest friends, Shelley Brannan.  I met Shelley several years ago when I interned for my college’s marketing department.  She was a full-time staff member, but we quickly bonded over our work and a love for the Lord.  Shelley and I have done several Bible studies together, and even though … Read More

Blessings in Unexpected Places


The whole week was a whirlwind. It started with an interview and ended with me accepting a job.  Full-time employment wasn’t on my radar, but after much prayer and wise counsel, I believed this was right.  Now nearly four months later, it’s been confirmed time and again – I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be for this season. The twists and … Read More