Trusting God with Our Loved Ones


My alarm sounded. I reached for my phone groggily, hurrying to silence the noise before it woke David.  Burrowed underneath the covers, my eyes adjusted to the screen’s glow.  I awoke to all manner of emails and messages that had come my way throughout the night.  I don’t make a habit of sorting through my notifications before I get out of … Read More

The Flood

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Today I’m pleased to welcome Kendra Ardis to the blog as a guest writer.  Kendra’s sister and I went to college together, and I enjoyed getting to know Kendra a little bit as I read her story.  I hope you are as encouraged by her love for the Lord as I am. I walked back into my home wearing borrowed hunting … Read More

Remembering Easter Sunday on a Tuesday Morning


It’s been over a week since we celebrated Easter, and the Easter articles, quotes, and sentiments have disappeared from my news feed.  I totally understand.  Like other special occasions, Easter is a day we observe before moving on to the next event on the calendar. I purposely waited until after Easter to write about it because I wanted to reflect on … Read More