Hoarding Manna and Stockpiling Grace


I get it. The Israelites’ disobedience, that is.  Sure, they get a bad rap when we read through the Old Testament, but their pattern of unbelief isn’t as foreign to me as I’d like to think it is. After delivering His people from slavery in miraculous fashion, God’s appointed leader, Moses, was the target of the congregation’s groaning.  Yes, they had … Read More

Holy Anticipation


I sat staring at my email inbox, refreshing the page every few seconds.  Nothing. I was waiting to hear back about a potential job – one that, from my perspective, seemed to be a good fit. I refreshed the page again.  Still nothing. I’ve spent 2015 refreshing my inbox and sitting in doctors’ offices, and the waiting has taken quite a … Read More

The Song of Faith


I wish God would explain Himself.  If only I could understand.  I just want things to change. During difficult seasons of life, many of us wrestle with similar thoughts as we search for clarity and relief. The prophet Habakkuk’s response to his struggles wasn’t any different.  He went back and forth with God, accusing the Almighty of idleness and begging … Read More

A Thrill of Hope

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I watched intently as a young girl walked down the aisle to the front of our church, the long candleholder outstretched in front of her.  She made her way up the stairs, paused at the wreath, and walked back down the aisle. The candle flickered. Advent season is here, and it urges us to slow down.  To pause and remember.  … Read More