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I’ve never been one to ask tough questions.  Sometimes it’s simply because I’m not a critical thinker by nature, and my inclination isn’t to probe.  Other times, though, I don’t ask because I’m afraid to know the answer. As I witness more and more brokenness in and around me, I haven’t been able to suppress my confusion.  “What in the … Read More

Surprised by Beauty

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Beautiful. That’s the word I heard again and again in response to last week’s post about our struggle with infertility. I didn’t anticipate seeing a recurring theme of beauty because the past fifteen months have been filled with things I deemed ugly – things like tears, questions, frustration, and doctors appointments. Fast forward to this morning when I woke up … Read More

Showing Our Scars: The Post I Never Dreamed I’d Be Writing


About this time last year, David and I sat in a nice restaurant and enjoyed one of our favorite traditions as we waited for our meals.  Typically when we celebrate our birthdays, we ask each other questions like, “What was your favorite part of last year?” and “What did you learn since your last birthday?” I didn’t think twice when … Read More

Would You Rather…?


A couple of years ago, some friends and I spent over 30 hours in the car together.  The last leg of our trip took us through Atlanta and about 200 miles east to Columbia.  We hit Atlanta at midnight and were desperate for a way to stay awake for the next three hours.  One of us had the idea to … Read More