But If Not…


One of the Bible verses I find fascinating is found in the thick of one of its most well-known stories.  This particular passage recounts the plight of three Jewish exiles who lived in Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign.  After erecting a giant golden idol, the king commanded everyone who was present at its dedication to bow down and worship.  The penalty … Read More

Over My Head


English speakers have a phrase we use when we feel something is beyond our comprehension.  We say it’s “over our heads”.  Much of what I’ve deemed “over my head” wasn’t impossible to know, just difficult to understand.  Chemistry and algebra come to mind. I don’t often pursue a working knowledge of subjects I find especially challenging, let alone those that are … Read More

The Best Is Yet to Come


This past weekend I watched Lifeway’s annual Living Proof Live simulcast taught by Beth Moore.  She delivered three messages on the topic of living with audacity – defined as nerve, guts, and “resolute fearlessness” – in a scary world.  The whole event was meaningful, but the point that stood out to me most was when she told attendees to have “the audacity … Read More

God’s Not Out to Get You


Someone once said, “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”  The quote is attributed to multiple sources, and although I don’t know where it originated, I agree with the idea.  The vast majority of life is comprised of our attitudes toward whatever it is we face at any given moment. Scripture … Read More

Even There: A Unique Vantage Point


If I had to describe this past year in a word, it would be “hard”.  Thankfully David and I didn’t experience any life-altering crises, but a handful of ongoing challenges have stuck with us all year long. We certainly aren’t the only ones who’ve had a difficult go of it.  People we know have suffered unfathomable loss and have endured … Read More