Free at Last

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In the years leading up to the Civil War, many opponents of slavery rallied together in hopes of ending servitude and segregation once and for all.  According to the History channel, these individuals, known as abolitionists, were committed to “the immediate emancipation of all slaves” regardless of the cost.  Men and women like William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, … Read More

Anxiety’s Antidote


When I was in college, a friend and I combatted finals week stress in an unconventional way.  Instead of pursuing the peace of mind that accompanies preparedness, we essentially blew off studying altogether and spent our time eating out and wandering through the mall.  We must have been totally overwhelmed because neither of us is the type to relieve anxiety … Read More

Burning Bibles and Boring Sermons

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“He’s not a very good preacher.”  “I didn’t get anything out of that sermon.”  “Those points of application weren’t relevant.”  If words like these haven’t actually come out of your mouth after church, you’ve likely heard them from someone else or thought them yourself.  Although sometimes our concerns are valid, we are often sidetracked by personal preferences, and if we … Read More

No Turning Back

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Our brains have a funny way of distorting past memories in light of present situations.  Sometimes we look back on a period of life through romanticized lenses, remembering days gone by as better than they actually were.  Usually this is a reaction to particular challenges we face here and now. This phenomenon isn’t new.  Near the end of the divided … Read More