Step by Step

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Although I consider myself fairly young, I’m not necessarily in touch with the latest technology.  I’ve heard the iPhone has a great calendar, but I still prefer to have one hanging on the wall that can be cross-referenced with my pocket-size planner.  And as helpful as turn-by-turn navigation systems can be, I still print out a copy of directions whenever … Read More

Defined by Jesus


Last night we returned from a weekend retreat at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters with the youth group.  For the second year, we traveled to Andrews, North Carolina and made fun memories with our students, enjoyed a break from routine, and most importantly, spent hours sitting under the teaching of God’s Word. In six sessions, Brody Holloway and Spencer Davis covered the … Read More

You Can Bank on It


I’m not sure what comes to mind when you consider the meaning of a blessed life.  Some probably envision material prosperity; perhaps others imagine ease and comfort.  Defining the blessed life requires examining the whole Bible’s teaching on the subject, but Jeremiah 17 is a helpful piece of the puzzle.  Two contrasting images in this chapter highlight the differences between … Read More

A Safe Place

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A couple of months ago, I played a game similar to hide-and-seek with our youth group.  I remember picking out the perfect hiding spot and listening with an increasing sense of safety as the seekers passed by repeatedly, oblivious to my presence.  During games like this, it’s typical to feel a rush of adrenaline because there’s an element of risk … Read More