This Seat is Taken

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I’ve found few things in life to be more stressful than trying to find an unclaimed seat or row of seats in a crowded venue.  Whether it’s a packed movie theater or a Wednesday night dinner at church, my shoulders tense up when scouring a room for an unoccupied place to sit. The knowledge of one particular occupied seat, however, … Read More

Navigating the Darkness

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As I was going through my daily routine this morning, our house was noticeably darker than usual.  Although we have lots of large windows, it was still pitch black outside around 6 o’clock.  Typically, the sun is beginning to rise about that time, slowly brightening the rooms of our house. This morning I made my way from the kitchen, through … Read More

Nothing is Wasted


A friend recently recommended that I work through an eight-week devotional called Abide.  While it is a change of pace from my normal quiet time routine, it has been refreshing.  In fact, it’s because it’s something out of the ordinary that it has been so energizing. The Abide journal is filled with devotionals, thought-provoking prompts, and practical activities to make … Read More

The Strongest Force in the World

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In one of my college education classes, a guest speaker from Black Forest Academy shared about some of the bilingual boarding school’s unique practices.  The most memorable part of her lecture was when she relayed one of the school’s daily routines.  Each morning, students repeat the following phrase in German and in English, adjusting it to reflect the date: “It’s … Read More

The Fuel of Faith

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In a sermon titled “Questioning God,” David Platt expounds the small, prophetic book of Habakkuk.  The prophet is in a season of intense struggle, and the difficulties prompt him to start asking questions.  Many of us can probably relate.  In fact, Habakkuk’s struggles and uncertainties are surprisingly relevant.  Except for some distinct cultural references, his words sound like they could’ve … Read More