Living vs. Managing

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I believe God created me on purpose for a purpose.  He wired me intentionally, and my personality is not an accident.  He often works through my personality, but sometimes He stretches me beyond my natural tendencies so I can better love my neighbor.  So what happens when my personality, preferences, and priorities might actually hinder effective ministry? I’ve known for … Read More

Up All Night

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Last night was the first night we spent in our new home after nearly six weeks of laborious renovation.  Exhausted from the physical, mental, and emotional strain of it all, I took one last look at our new bedding, climbed under the sheets, and expected to fall asleep within a couple minutes. But I couldn’t sleep.  Maybe it was the … Read More

When Mountains Disappear


As I drove to work yesterday morning, I noticed something was different.  It took me a minute to figure it out, but I finally realized what it was.  A thick fog had settled in the area and had entirely covered the mountains.  Bluefield is surrounded by mountains, and you’d be hard pressed to find a spot in town where you … Read More

Facing My Fears


About this time last week I was standing at the bottom of a telephone pole trying to convince myself that climbing it wouldn’t end in death.  I was a chaperone for our middle school youth group’s trip to Ligonier Camp and Conference Center, and our first activity Monday morning was the zip line. I wasn’t planning on riding the zip … Read More

On My Way Home

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The morning after my new husband and I returned from our honeymoon, we drove across town to pick up our wedding gifts.  The gifts were stored at my previous home, the place which, almost overnight, I began referring to as “my parents’ house.” I remember that Saturday morning like it was yesterday.  We pulled up the steep driveway and walked … Read More