Feels Like Home To Me

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This weekend David and I made a trip to South Carolina to spend time with his sister and her kids while her husband is away at military officer training.  For some reason, the further south we got, the more I started to miss our time in Columbia.  Moving to Bluefield at the end of July was the beginning of a … Read More

Why Wait?

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We live in a society that’s accustomed to instant gratification.  Take fast food or Netflix, for example.  We want what we want when we want it.  And advertisers know it.  They appeal to consumers on the basis of ease and speed, and our culture eats it up. It’s no surprise, then, that in a culture such as ours, waiting on … Read More

When We Wonder Why

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It’s no secret that our time on earth is riddled with heartaches, hurts, disappointments, failures, and loss.  We scratch our heads and attempt to put the pieces together, searching for the seemingly elusive answer to the one big question on our minds: “Why?” It’s hard enough as it is to cope with the pain of life in a fallen world, … Read More

Christ Died For Nothing


“Christ died for nothing.”  Every time I read the words, I feel uncomfortable.  Saying them out loud seems inappropriate and irreverent.  Just looking at them makes my stomach turn and puts a bad taste in my mouth. This week the Church is reflecting on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as we anticipate the arrival of Easter Sunday.  Many … Read More

Only God

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Once a month our church celebrates Communion.  The golden plates are displayed neatly on an altar at the front of the sanctuary.  During the service we reflect on the elements’ significance and ponder our undeserved seat at the Lord’s Table. And what a diverse Table it is!  But what unity we enjoy!  We are a Body, a Family, with unique … Read More