Trust Him With The Pen

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It was a Friday morning.  I had already been to the grocery store and back, and the last of the items was tucked away in the refrigerator.  As I zipped my coat, ready to take on the final day of the workweek, my phone buzzed against the countertop.  Sliding my finger across the screen, I opened a text from my … Read More

I’ve Got Eye Problems

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I recently found myself discouraged by a compilation of difficult situations at work and church.  While texting David, I started typing something about how disappointed I was as I watched the behavior of older Christians.  Before hitting “send,” I stopped dead in my tracks, and with the Holy Spirit’s prompting, I deleted the text and started thinking. Watch.  I was … Read More

I Have Something to Say

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Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. -Colossians 1:28 Everyone has something to say.  And thanks to the internet, everyone has a place to say it…even if the rest of the online community wishes otherwise.  In an age of extreme oversharing, why start another blog?  Aren’t there enough … Read More

Seven Things I Want More Than I Want to Be a Mom


It’s no secret.  I’m longing to begin a new season of life.  I crave the day when I can minister, nurture, and serve as a mother.  I dream about seeing David minister, provide, and lead as a father. As I anticipate this future season, however, it is easy to miss out on what God has called me to today.  I … Read More