Trust Him With The Pen

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It was a Friday morning.  I had already been to the grocery store and back, and the last of the items was tucked away in the refrigerator.  As I zipped my coat, ready to take on the final day of the workweek, my phone buzzed against the countertop.  Sliding my finger across the screen, I opened a text from my mom.  My eyes burned as I read the news.  I had felt so nonchalant just moments before, but now I walked out to my car with blurred vision and a heavy heart.

My smart, talented brother didn’t get into his dream school.  I had rooted so hard for him, believing it was possible.  Would they really pass up such a great student in favor of less-qualified candidates on the basis of residency alone?  I hoped not, but apparently they would.

He wanted it so bad.  And I, along with the rest of my family, wanted it so bad for him.  With that many people pulling for one thing, how can it not come to fruition?

Therein lies the problem.  Sometimes I think that if I just want something bad enough, wish it hard enough, that I can will it into existence.  And if I really, really want something, surely God wants me to have it, too.  Right?  Problem #2.

All too often I forget that my life (and the lives of those I love most) is a line off a page out of the grand narrative God is writing – from eternity and for eternity.  I don’t know every detail of the story, but I know it’s a good story.  I can’t read His mind, but I know He’s a good Author.

He can be trusted with the pen, even when the letters and words He chooses spell heartache.

This story will come to an end.  The curtain will close on the world as we know it – a world of tears, sorrow, pain, and death.  And when that great ending comes, I, too, will testify, “He has done everything well.”

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