This One Is for the Ladies

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This past weekend I was privileged to enjoy Beth Moore’s Living Proof Live Simulcast from the comfort of my own living room.  She taught from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but the event was broadcasted live to approximately 190,000 viewers.

In a series of three messages geared specifically toward women, she educated her audience on “being female well.”  She highlighted several of the struggles common to women of all age ranges, including the bent toward competition and comparison, both of which have their roots in insecurity.  (These issues can affect men too, of course, but that wasn’t the day’s focus.)

I took an inordinate amount of notes and will be processing it all for quite a while, but I want to share what stood out most.  Out of all the great things Beth said, the single most significant part of the day was hearing and reciting the truth of God’s Word as summarized by the “Identity Declaration”.

As I mentioned, women tend to struggle with competition and comparison, both of which are birthed from insecurity.  Going a step further, though, insecurity is rooted in unbelief.  By not believing that what God says about me is the truth, I allow my mind to be flooded with other, less-reliable voices.  Instead of believing God’s Word, I believe magazines, T.V. shows, popular culture, and other people.  I am more inclined to listen to what another person says about me than what God says about me.

Maybe you can relate.  God doesn’t intend for us to live in fear and insecurity.  He has said so much about us in the Bible, and He wants us to believe Him.  When I start to hear other voices tell me I’m not good enough, not attractive enough, not worthy enough, or not spiritual enough, I want to start responding with what I know is true.

I may feel lonely, but the truth is I am loved, pursued, and chosen.

I may feel inadequate, but the truth is I am gifted by the Spirit.

I may feel like a failure, but the truth is I am forgiven and unbound.

Tell yourself the truth enough times, and by God’s grace, you’ll start to believe it.


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