Nothing is Wasted


A friend recently recommended that I work through an eight-week devotional called Abide.  While it is a change of pace from my normal quiet time routine, it has been refreshing.  In fact, it’s because it’s something out of the ordinary that it has been so energizing.

The Abide journal is filled with devotionals, thought-provoking prompts, and practical activities to make resting in God an intentional reality.

Today’s section was especially meaningful.  The journal had space to write out my current “life description” (think job description, except broader).  But the goal wasn’t simply to write out what I do on a regular basis; the challenge was to affirm God as the initiator and sustainer of my life’s work.

Ideally, I wouldn’t just write, “I’m David’s wife. I volunteer for the youth group. I work at the Wade Center.”  Instead, the idea was to see God as the One who has called me to and equips me for each of these roles.  “God has called me to be David’s wife.  He enables me to love and serve David, and He reminds me that we are both lavishly loved by God already.  When I fail to love and serve David, there is grace upon grace for me.  God has put me at Westminster to be a youth group volunteer.  He has placed me in this role with this group of students for a purpose.  God brought me to the Wade Center and equips me to work hard to support its ministry.”  And so on.

At one point I wrote, “God will not waste this part of my story.”  I needed to remind myself of that truth this morning.  God isn’t wasteful.  He doesn’t waste seasons, circumstances, or struggles.  Even our shortcomings are redeemable – how amazing!

Looking back on my “life description,” I see the word “intentional” several times.  Remembering that God is an intentional God encourages me as I go through what might otherwise feel like a monotonous “daily grind”.  He is working from and for eternity with a purpose.

And as He works, He never wastes.

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  1. Thank you Abbey! I look forward to hearing from God through your blogs. You might want to add that to your list of your “life description “

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