Even There: A Unique Vantage Point


If I had to describe this past year in a word, it would be “hard”.  Thankfully David and I didn’t experience any life-altering crises, but a handful of ongoing challenges have stuck with us all year long.

We certainly aren’t the only ones who’ve had a difficult go of it.  People we know have suffered unfathomable loss and have endured overwhelming heartache.  Really our whole world has seen its fair share of devastation.  We’ve witnessed senseless violence, disregard for life, natural disasters, religious persecution, financial emergencies, and so much more.

This year just confirms what we already knew: life can be indescribably tough.

I, for one, will be glad to see some of my circumstances change.  When they do, I hope I’ll be quick to praise God’s goodness and faithfulness.  But I’m afraid if I’m not careful, I’ll miss the opportunity to worship Him today.

God is good, and God is faithful.  Right here, right now.  I’ve often thought about what King David said in Psalm 139 when describing his inability to escape God’s presence.  Having exhausted all his options, he concluded, “even there your hand shall lead me, your right hand shall hold me” (Psalm 139:10).

Wherever you are is your even there.

As a Christian, you can live with the assurance that regardless of where you go, how you feel, or what you experience, God is holding you.  You can’t escape.  The best of days don’t exempt you from needing His love and the worst of days can’t keep you from it.

When your prayers aren’t answered on your preferred timetable – even there He holds you.

When the pressure of life becomes more than you can bear – even there He holds you.

When you’re misunderstood by those you love most – even there He holds you.

When there’s nothing left in your bank account – even there He holds you.

When relief is nowhere in sight – even there He holds you.

And when you think you’ve finally hit your emotional, mental, relational, or spiritual rock bottom – yes, even there He holds you.

Difficulties have a distinct way of reminding us that God doesn’t start being good when we get what we want, and God doesn’t become evil when our whole world seems to collapse.  God is good, and He is worthy of praise – yesterday, today, and forever.

Let’s not wait for our situations to change before we acknowledge God’s present goodness.  Because the truth is, every single circumstance – no matter how good or how bad – provides us with a unique vantage point from which to watch our God prove faithful to His character and true to His Word. 

And as for that one place you still think is beyond His reach?  Even there.

4 Comments on “Even There: A Unique Vantage Point”

  1. I needed to read this post this morning. Two words that bring such peace in the midst of such heartache and uncertainty: Even there…

    Thank you Abbey!

    1. So true, Olivia. Those two words really do bring so much peace. I had no idea just how much I’d need this reminder myself today.

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