Blessed Assurance

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IMG_1637A handful of friends from South Carolina made the trip to Bluefield this past weekend to spend quality time enjoying each other’s company and studying Romans 8.  We had a blast catching up, sharing stories, and just being together.  We learned from each other and encouraged one another.

It’s hard to capture the significance of the weekend in a single blog post, but below are a few important takeaways.

We need each other.  When I am with others who know and love God, I’m encouraged to know Him better and love Him more myself.  When I see my friends’ faith and how God is working in their lives, my own faith is strengthened and my trust in God deepens.  I’m thankful for a weekend set aside to be “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12).

We need assurance.  Our hearts ache for permanence and security, but we’re prone to look elsewhere for that which is found in Christ alone.  Though all of our questions won’t be answered this side of heaven, Romans 8 reminds us of how much God wants us to know for sure.  Romans 8 provides more than sufficient answers to some of our deepest concerns.

We need Christ.  Romans 8 begins and ends with statements about those who are “in Christ.”  And the rest of the chapter fits nicely between those two bookends – what life is like for those who belong to Christ.  Christ is our only hope.  All of our security, confidence, and assurance are found in Him.

As I process such a wonderful weekend, my primary response is gratitude.  I am extremely grateful to have friends who love and follow God.  I am thankful for the assurance God provides through His Word that enables me to live with settled confidence regardless of my circumstances.  And most of all, I am and will eternally be grateful for Christ – my life and my firm foundation.  All other ground is sinking sand.

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