A House That’s Move-In Ready

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During one of the many snow days this winter, I found myself curled up on the couch scrolling through the TV channels trying to settle on a decent daytime show.  The options were limited, but I landed on one of the various home purchasing programs on HGTV.  And I loved it, which is probably a sign of old age…or “increasing maturity”.  Either way, I noticed a pattern.  Home buyers usually fall into one of two categories.  Some are looking for a “fixer-upper,” a house they can renovate and make their own.  These couples push my Type A personality to the point of hyperventilation.  Other couples want a house that’s “move-in ready” – a house that just needs to be filled.  Amen to that.

The work-in-progress type of houses stress me out; I like things to be finished, totally and completely.  This line of thinking extends beyond HGTV; it carries over into my daily life.  I don’t like unfinished projects; I like scratching items off a to-do list.  And I certainly don’t want to be a work-in-progress myself; I want to be the finished product version of myself – the me I’ll be in heaven.

The problem is that this side of eternity, there’s only one finished work and that’s the work Jesus completed through His life, death, resurrection, and ascension.  Other than that, God is working from and for eternity to accomplish His purposes.  Rather than bemoan the various ways I need God to work in my life, I want to rest in the one work that’s completely finished – the one work that will never need a renovation or a single touch-up.

And as I rest in the work that’s already been completed, I can rejoice in knowing that God won’t leave one project undone.  He always finishes what He starts (see Phil. 1:6 and 1 Thess. 2:13).  My life is a “fixer-upper,” but one day He’ll call me home, and as He puts the finishing touches on the renovation project of my life, I’ll finally be the unblemished, “move-in ready” me that’s fit for the King.

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